Give your Adalo app


Pre-built tech stacks for doing awesome stuff in your Adalo apps while saving time, frustration, and money.

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Stacked Yourself

And that's if you pay the minimum tier! You may never use everything you pay for.


Using Adastacks

Pay only for the features you use. Mix and match features with credit usage.

Why Adastacks?

Dump your expensive SaaS accounts

Tired of managing and paying for multiple software accounts? Dump 'em and get smiley again.

Easy to use templates

We've made it easy to setup pro-level actions using simple, functional templates.

Secure and easy setup

No need to punch your computer screen. Adastacks is built on Adalo, for Adalo users, by an Adalo Staff member.

Unique, mythical features

Adastacks offers unique features you won't find anywhere else, like recurring notifications.

Expert support and documentation

Even if you do run into issues, there's always support available - from Slack to email and help guides.

Balanced pricing tiers

Pay only for the features you need, allowing you to allocate resources where you need them most.

What People Are Saying

One external service for all your Adalo app needs.

Enough documentation. Enough money-pits. Enough time-suck.